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Sangeetha Vegan Restaurant Review

About The Founder

Cheryl S. Johnson founded this site in 2015. Cheryl wanted to create a website where anybody could get information about vegetarian restaurants. The site has become famous, with 1000 people visiting it every day.

Before she started her blogging job, Cheryl was working in the hospitality industry. She graduated from Arizona College with a degree in bakery and social science. After she left College, Cheryl worked as a senior chef in Los Angeles and New York. Her hard work and attention to detail led to more jobs and recognition. Eventually, the restaurant management appointed her as the senior manager of all the companies’ chains. She managed to introduce new vegetarian protocols at the restaurants.

When Cheryl thought that she had garnered enough experience, she decided to start review websites that could help vegetarians. The underpinning principles of our review website is accuracy, reliability, and accurate information. Cheryl’s mission is to promote vegetarian diets.

Mission and Vision

Healthy eating is a crucial component of a successful life. If you eat a balanced, vegetarian meal, you will improve your health and live a disease-free life. Research has shown that meat contributes heavily to the development of various diseases. Therefore, our mission is to promote vegetarian diets because they are an excellent alternative to meat.

We plan to provide a list of restaurants providing vegetarian menus. The idea is to provide access to ready-made vegetarian meals while you learn how to prepare them at home. We are covering the whole country, and we are sending food experts to each restaurant. Once we have collected all the information, we will analyze it. You can view the final list of restaurants on our website. This will help you decide the best restaurant for your needs based on location, pricing, and menu.


Our restaurant has been operating on one vision since it was launched. The vision is to see a vegetarian menu in every restaurant within the next decade. There’s a lot we need to do before we can realize this vision. For instance, we need to show restaurants what they are missing when they fail to develop vegetarian menus. Once we bring the restaurants on board, our next target will be the consumers. We understand the ambitious nature of our vision, but we will not give up trying.

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